Friday, April 8, 2011

Shoot! I think I killed one of the cassabananas!

I'm very blue.

This morning My cassabanana seedling was full of roots and so I didn't want it to stick in the felt so I moved it into a red cup, and added some peat moss all around the little jiffy pellet, and then gave it some water.

I looked at it about an hour ago and the poor little thing was wilted. Her two little seed leaves were looking down like it was crying.

I feel so sad. I moved her into the greenhouse, perhaps she needs more humidity. But the last time this happened the little cassabanana died.

So now it looks like I'm down to two of those plants.

Sniff Sniff. I think I'll have a glass of wine to drown my sorrows.


  1. Just an update, the Cassabanana is doing fine in the greenhouse. She perked right up and is now growing her first true leaf.

    So I guess putting her in the high-humidity greenhouse was just what she needed!

  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your seedlings maybe I can help with you next ones. Annie

  3. Thanks so much MTSC. I think that this time, it was the humidity that the client was missing. But I'm looking to hear more from you in the future regarding how you can help my viewers and me. :-)

  4. Humidity--a new thing to consider, I have always lived in a desert...Maybe my husband's daughter in Texas, who lives on the bay of Mexico, could grow this plant! The humidity there is thick like fog!