Monday, April 11, 2011

Mail Call!

I'm so excited! This morning the hardy kiwis that I ordered from arived. The package was VERY securely packages as to not damage the plants. I am very impressed with them.

I received a female Anna hardy kiwi, a female Ken's Red hardy kiwi, and a male hardy kiwi. Kiwis need a male and a female plant in order to produce fruit. Now I'll be removing some of our other flower vines to make room for the kiwis. I'm trying to get as much food landscaping as possible in my tiny urban garden...

After I got the UPS package I went to my office to pick up my mail. Here's what I got today:

Michelle sent me some Moonflower seeds and some sugar pie pumpkin seeds. And she sent me a very nice note to go along with it. Thanks Michele!

Risquin sent me some "Love in a Mist" and some Wisteria seeds. She also included a package from her sister which was blue bell squash. I am very excited about the blue bell squash. Apparently it had been sent to me twice before but I never received it. Thanks Risquin!

Dream Johnson sent me some squash, catanach caerulea, columbine, and Japanese eggplant. They were loose in two envelopes so I hope that I don't mix them up! I'm looking forward to growing the Japanese eggplant. Thanks Dream Johnson!

Misha sent me some short neck cushaw squash. I cannot wait to plant my fall garden. Thanks Misha!

I also received a SASE from Barbara with a request for some of my seeds. Barbara, I'm sending your seeds out today.

Well, that's the Mail Call for today. Thanks for following the TinyUrbanGarden. I hope you tell your friends about me.

Happy Gardening!

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