Monday, April 4, 2011

Cassabanana and African Horned Melon

We got home in one piece, despite the Southwest Airline plane turning into a convertible (no we were not on that plane).

All of the plants look good except the Pineapple, but I guess that is to be expected on a new planting.

One of the best surprises is that I have one seedling of cassabanana, and two are just poking out of the dirt, so I might wind up with THREE plants!  This is good because my first go around with the cassabanana didn't go so well as I only had one plant germinate from twelve seeds that I planted.  The good news is that I contacted and they sent me another packet.  So now out of the six seeds that I planted, it looks like three have germinated already.  I can't wait to see what the fruit tastes like!

On another note, my husband and I stopped off at the store on the way home from the airport and I saw an African Horned Melon there for four bucks.  I decided to buy it to see what it tasted like.  Well, it's pretty bland by itself, but if you add sugar, the flavor really pops out.  I say it tastes like a blend of cucumber and banana.  This fruit is not for folks who don't like seeds.  The fruit is full of them, so it might not be worth eating, but for those of you who are daring, it's worth a shot!

I'll be saving three or four packets of ten seeds each, so if you want to trade me for something really cool, post below and then we'll exchange information privately.

Oh, and the link I added (  is to give  you some information about the fruit.  He's showing them green, but mine were bright orange.

Happy Growing!

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  1. I'd love a packet if they are still available. I have Loofah!
    Traci Smith