Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Tiny Urban Garden

My mother was a gardener. When I was a child I always wondered why she did it... our family had corn growing in the front yard before it was "cool", and I was always embarrased about it. Because we always turn into our mothers when we get older, at age 44, I started a garden last year, by planting plants that I had bought at some local hardware stores. I had so much fun that I decided in 2011 I would plant from seeds. I went online to see what I should plant. I found a site called www.rareseeds.com and bought some seeds. Here's what I bought (everything is heirloom non-GMO):
  • Sun flowers- Mammoth Grey Striped (for my peas to grow on... they are so much prettier than the metal stakes!)
  • Wando garden peas
  • Spinache-Bloomsdale Long Standing
  • Peppers-Emerald Giant (when I bought them online I thought they were red)
  • Artichokes- Purple of Romanga
  • Eggplant-Ma Zu Purple Chinese 
  • Asparagus- Mary Washington
  • Spinache- Bloomsdale Long Standing
  • Pack Choy-Oriental Greens EXTRA Dwarf
  • Tomato-Cherokee Purple 
  • Cassabanana--This is a tropical fruit that can also be used like a zucchini before it is ripe. I have never tasted it.
I received the package in the mail, and planted everything in my little jiffy pot "greenhouse" on 2/21/2011. I'm looking forward to letting you know what happens this year.


  1. I love the idea of using Sunflowers as stakes! Let us know if it works!

  2. Hi Kathe! Thanks for inviting me to your garden blog! I have been gardening since I was 14....My favorite plants are fragrant flowers. Some of them are edible--daylilies, for instance! Last year, I planted seeds I got from www.ParkSeeds.com of Datura metal plentiflorum fastuoso. Park calls them Ballerina Daturas. They are tropicals. The plants grew and flowered but did not set seed, so I ordered more seeds of the yellow variety because those flowers smell of Jasmine, and that is my favorite aromatherapy!! I am waiting for the dandelions to bloom [which will be garden time here in zone 4] to plant them.
    Love Mom